Subcomandante Marcos has declared a GENERAL RED ALERT for the State of Chiapas. According to EZLN communiques, the Zapatistas are evacuating their communities as of June 19, 2005:

      . . . at this time the closure is being carried out of the Caracoles and the Good Government Offices which are located in the zapatista communities of Oventic, La Realidad, Morelia and Roberto Barrios, as well as all the headquarters of the authorities of the different Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities.

. . .also being carried out is the evacuation of the members of the different Good Government Juntas and the autonomous authorities, in order to place them in shelter.

. . simultaneous with the publication of this communique, national and international civil societies who are working in peace camps and in community projects are being urged to leave rebel territory. Or, if they decide freely of their own volition, they remain on their own and at their own risk, gathered in the caracoles. In the case of minors, their departure is obligatory.

. . . the EZLN releases from responsibility for any of our future actions all persons and civil, political, cultural, citizens and non-governmental organizations, solidarity committees and support groups who have been close to us since 1994.

        -EZLN Declaration of June 19, 2005
Oventic was evacuated June 19, 2005.

Commandantes Moises & Benito. Oventic 2004.

The "voice of the voiceless" Radio Insergente has suspended broadcasting.

The health and education services provided in the automous communities will continue. The EZLN is distancing themselves from the social workers who manage such facilities and requesting that the government respect and treat these health care providers as citizens.

The EZLN is requesting that national and international human rights workers leave the area immediately. Those who stay, do so at their own risk. Children are prohibited from remaining.

There has been 12 years of peace in Chiapas.
The meaning and outcome of this sudden activity is uncertain.

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