Dollmaking Classes

The "Ya Basta!" dollmaking classes teach creative resistance. In workshops designed by Maria Sharfenburger, Catholic Charities Latina Outreach Director, and artist/activist Sharon Scott, students are taught the basics of Chiapaneca doll making.

Literally, the slogan "Ya Basta" means "Enough!". These courses are focused on the development of dolls which says "Enough!" imposed forms of domination - - personal or external, economic or social. The dolls resist sexism and stereotypical images of beauty. They combat insecurity, impatience, fear & frustration.

The midweek workshops work specifically with Latina's who have immigrated to Kentucky to work on farms & in local factories. Many of them are working to support their children and families in Mexico whom they may not see for years. The classes encourage personal empowerment among these women in cultural transition.

The Arcadia group focuses on connecting Mixtec women living in Kentucky. Most of the women are from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. They speak in native languages and do not speak Spanish or English. The dollmaking classes offer visual expression as a means to deconstruct language barriers.



Recent Classes:

Seven Counties Shelbyville        
      en español

Arcadia Community Center Louisville        
      en español y Mixtec